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This is one of the poorest web pages published by GUST / Jan Sundberg, and I would not normally bother to address the issues raised, but I will make an exception in this case, just in case there is anyone left out there who still believes that GUST / Jan Sundberg have any remaining credibility .

GUST scrutinize the Loch Ness researchers who disbelieve others:
   Feature by Jan Sundberg. Photos: Private pictures, Jan Sundberg and Discovery Communications. Copyright 2002

                      Alastair Boyd, Tony Harmsworth, Steve Feltham, Dick Raynor

They aggressively reject others sightings, postulating the most incredulous
explanations but what they themselves have seen, is another case entirely.
DR: Absolute nonsense!
They want us to believe their sightings without reservations,
DR: More nonsense!
claiming that they are much better observers than the rest of us. What then have they seen? Read on, GUST have all their stories.

ALASTAIR AND SUE BOYDS SIGHTING, re-told in Steuart Campbell´s book "Loch Ness
Monster - The Evidence":

At about 4.15 p.m. on July the 30th 1979, art teachers Alastair Boyd and Sue Boyd
noticed a small, dark shape appear and disappear three times very quickly. It was
moving into the Bay about 150 meters from the shore. The object then seemed to churn
about in a left turn and surface a little further away looking like the top of a huge tyre
inner tube. It was visible for only about 5 seconds.

GUST comments: It was probably a tyre inner tube and not at all as big as the Boyds
thought it was. GUST´s diver Dick Oskarsson saw several similar tyre inner tubes in
Urquhart Bay and after he sent them to the surface we even photographed them.

DR: Do Swedish car inner tubes "appear and disappear three times very quickly" or "churn about in a left turn and surface a little further away"? More GUST nonsense!

TONY HARMSWORTH, on his own website:

In 1986, while leaving his house, he spotted something in the water about 400 meters or
so away and moving diagonally across the loch against the direction of the wind.
Through binoculars it was clearly an elongated shape he estimated at between four and
six feet long (1.2 to 1.9m). Later comparisons with a boat in the same location showed
that the object was closer to four than six feet long demonstrating that even
people living overlooking the loch and seeing something from their own house can
make mistakes over size of objects in water.

DR: He first said it was between 4 and 6 feet, then said it was nearer 4 feet than 6.  There is no evidence of a mistake here at all - simply a refinement within his original range of size estimates!

GUST comments: Tony Harmsworth is a trustworthy person and most probably saw what he say´s he saw. What it was is anyone´s guess.

DR: So what's the point of this article? What is the issue?

STEVE FELTHAM, talking to Scotland On Line in 1999:

Six years ago I was at Fort Augustus around 11am and I saw two-feet-high waves -
something definitely went through there. It was almost like a jet ski. You could see
something in the center of the waves.

GUST comments: Steve Feltham is a nut but a nice nut, however hard to evaluate and a
bit too mixed up with Adrian Shine for my taste. You want to trust him but the big
question is: could we, really?

DR: Again, Mr Sundberg seems to have lost the plot - what point is he trying to make? How does this relate to the "headline claim" about 'aggressively rejecting others sightings'?

DICK RAYNORS SIGHTING, re-told on the Richard Carter website:

On June the 13th 1967, Dick Raynor was parked in a lay-by opposite Dores when he saw
a wake moving down the loch. As he started to film, the boat Scott11 came into view
around half a mile nearer than the object. JARIC (Joint Air Reconnaissance Center)
studied the film and said that a solid object in the region of seven feet can be seen at
the head of the wake.

No they did not ...
Extract from the Loch Ness Investigation Annual Report 1967

No 9
June 13th, 1140 BST.  Richard Raynor (17), student, was in charge of a camera car parked in a lay-by opposite Dores when he saw and subsequently filmed a disturbance at a range of nearly one mile in Dores Bay, weather perfect, loch mirror calm. JARIC reported as follows:

"On the film can be seen our wash or wake pattern not obviously associated with any surface object.  This pattern, particularly the head of the pattern, has been studied.  It is not possible to detect the shape or nature of the object causing the disturbance though  varying optical enlargements of up to x38 have been used.  From time to time there is an impression of some object at the  head of the disturbance as if the object was momentarily breaking the surface though mainly submerged.  The track of the pattern appears roughly parallel to the shore of the loch, but it is an optical illusion due to the foreshortening effect of the near horizontal photography.  The track is in fact, converging on the shore at a pronounced angle.  As previously explained, measures in the Y* or depth direction are extremely difficult with this type of photography.  In this case a large part of the movement is in the Y direction and precise measures are impossible. However it is probable that the mean speed of the object is not less than five mph., and a possible length for that part of the object which seems to break the surface is in the order of seven feet."

Look at their carefully chosen words...from time to time...impression..as if. possible length...seems to break the surface...and no mention of "solid object" at all.

A still from his footage could by found here.

GUST comments: Today Dick Raynor is a best friends with Nessie debunker Adrian
Shine and as such he is not allowed to have filmed a possible Nessie, so Raynor now
say´s he filmed ducks and are trying to convince the world that JARIC are a bunch of
amateurs or worse (another reason is to discourage JARIC from doing any more
analysis, for others) but there´s absolutely no reason to disbelieve The Joint Air
Reconnaissance Intelligence Center.

DR: I have been mentioning ducks as a possible explanation of what I filmed in 1967 since I saw them behaving that way in 1980. There will be a continuing role for debunkers ( those who expose nonsense and falsehoods) for as long as people like Mr Sundberg continue to peddle them. Furthermore, the majority of groups or individuals actively investigating the situation at Loch Ness share my conservative view that the evidence so far accumulated is insufficient to support a claim that there are monsters in the loch at this time. We have nothing to gain or maintain by holding this view except our integrity, and we have all arrived at this view via a learning process from a radically different starting point. We are active and open minded researchers and always open to new ideas - provided they are more plausible than our present ones.

They are based at RAF Brampton, near Huntingdon and with a budget of £20.7 million.
Its role is to exploit and analyze imagery from all available sources and produce
intelligence products and services to meet the requirements of MOD and the
operational Commands. It provides this intelligence to military commanders and the
Government, in support of current military operations, defense planning and wider
intelligence matters. JARIC is also tasked with provision of trained and experienced
personnel in support of specific military operations.

You can read more about JARIC here.

CONCLUSION: Dick Raynor filmed a possible Nessie or at least an unknown animal and
the visible part was seven feet long.

DR: There is no reason to support this assertion - unless one has the ignorance of local wildlife behaviour and lake surface phenomena so often demonstrated by the GUST team!   Much that is "unidentifiable" to GUST is immediately recognisable to many other people.

It remains a shame that the other team members' enthusiasm and energy continue to be channelled in such futile directions by the team leader.

UPDATE 17-06-2002...  local radio today carried the following:

"     ...and finally a former Nessie Hunter has turned tail and decided she doesn't exist after all. Jan Sundberg, who trawed the loch with underwater sound recording equipment and a big net last summer says the strange noises he picked up are seismic explosions from the Great Glen fault line..."