Cruisers and Inflatables

Caley Cruisers in Urquhart Bay harbour -each with an inflatable on the roof.

Cruisers on Loch Ness are supplied with an inflatable dinghy - usually carried on the roof of the boat - and these are used for inshore exploration, fishing expeditions, and general messing about in boats by children and adults.

In Urquhart Bay, these inflatables emerge from the harbour on calm evenings  to taunt viewers of the web cams which have a resolution capability nicely calculated to just fail to resolve them properly.

Inquiries at Caley Cruisers revealed that the inflatables are Avon Redcrests, which are 9 feet long and 4 feet wide with 15" tubes.

During a webcam "sighting" in September 2001 it seems probable that one of these boats was snapped while tied up to a yellow mooring buoy at the entrance to the harbour.