Underwater Research
 snapshots of attempts to find out more...


George Edwards and Richard Carter with hydrophone equipment on board "Nessie Hunter" 1998.  Dick Raynor was also there...
in the leaking 2 metre inflatable boat, taking the picture! More about hydrophones

Underwater research comes in many forms, and as this section grows I will illustrate different aspects of it. Some of it has a definite purpose, some is speculative, and some is serendipitous.


Dick Raynor going in to Urquhart Bay to photograph "Gargoyles", 1987. This was the original way of getting "hands on", or rather "head under" experience in Loch Ness.   Diving requires training and some fairly expensive equipment, but for some tasks there is no alternative. There are many places in Scotland where it is a very pleasant experience, but Loch Ness is not among them.  I find that modern underwater television is definitely preferable for general observation purposes as it is silent in operation, safe and relatively inexpensive.

Submarines and ROVs
Submarines have been brought here on several occasions,  as have ROVs, and more will be added to this section. In the meantime, please click on the link to see some pictures and find out a little more. Also, check out Dan Taylor's "nessa-project.com" site to see how things are progressing there.  The author has been down in Loch Ness in subs on several occasions, and also worked for several years as a remotely controlled vehicle pilot.  The underwater cameras already in use have obtained interesting close-up sequences of eels and other fish, apparently undisturbed by the equipment's presence. As soon as suitable software has been obtained I will put the video here for you. (You thought that was a link, didn't you?...well. it soon will be!)  While you are in this paragraph, I can tell you that I now have plans for a new underwater vehicle to be constructed over the next few months, utilising "Robot Wars" technology. Forget "Star Wars"...this will be 100% recycled, including the electrons!
More submarine pictures