The 1967 Raynor Film
(under construction)

My own film of an unusual disturbance on the Loch Ness was taken 35 years ago on 13th June 1967. It is perhaps time that I devoted a little time to analysing it.  I will start off the construction with a few stills.


ScotII, the boat in this film, is once again in Inverness, and my recent measurements of it will form part of my analysis. In the interim, here is an extract from the 1967 Loch Ness Investigation Bureau "Annual Report"

No 9
     June 13th, 1140 BST.  Richard Raynor (17), student, was in charge of a camera car parked in a
     lay-by opposite Dores when he saw and subsequently filmed a disturbance at a range of nearly
     one mile in Dores Bay, weather perfect, loch mirror calm. JARIC reported as follows:

     "On the film can be seen our wash or wake pattern not obviously associated with any surface
     object.  This pattern, particularly the head of the pattern, has been studied.  It is not possible to
     detect the shape or nature of the object causing the disturbance though  varying optical
     enlargements of up to x38 have been used.  From time to time there is an impression of some
     object at the  head of the disturbance as if the object was momentarily breaking the surface
     though mainly submerged.  The track of the pattern appears roughly parallel to the shore of the
     loch, but it is an optical illusion due to the foreshortening effect of the near horizontal
     photography.  The track is in fact, converging on the shore at a pronounced angle.  As previously
     explained, measures in the Y* or depth direction are extremely difficult with this type of
     photography.  In this case a large part of the movement is in the Y direction and precise measures
     are impossible. However it is probable that the mean speed of the object is not less than five
     mph., and a possible length for that part of the object which seems to break the surface is in the
     order of seven feet."