Ordinary Animals and Everyday Events
A new Video

Many of the pictures appearing on this site are stills from short video sequences of animals, birds, boat wakes and other events taking place on the surface of Loch Ness which to the inexperienced observer may appear inexplicable, and hence "Nessie".

I have been asked a number of times for copies of this material, and have now decided to make the video sequences available on PAL VHS tapes. The relevant sequences are repeated, and in some cases shown in slow-motion, to allow better study of the event without relentless rewinding and pausing of the video.

This material is copied to order, and will include the latest material mentioned on the web site.

The contents are supplied for private study only in the spirit of open exchange of information between interested parties, and are not to be copied or used for any other purpose.

A price of £10 + p&p has been set, which reflects the nature of the contents, the cost of production and a minuscule contribution towards the running costs of my research project. I hope this may provoke the freer circulation of other Nessie related material, some of which is priced beyond the reach of any enthusiast or researcher, and other material is simply not available at all.

At this time - 7th September 2000 - there is no commentary with the clips but I will try to produce one in time to go with the first orders.

So, to see what I saw, just send your £11.00 to:

Dick Raynor
4 Kilmuir
North Kessock
Inverness IV1 3ZG
Scotland UK