Long Term Underwater Camera

Surface Monitoring Camera
This continues to provide lapse time recordings of excellent quality, and should produce especially interesting data over the next few months  - the water birds breeding season.

Fixed underwater tv camera still working!

The photograph below shows the "dry end" of the underwater tv system. The camera has operated continuously for over two months now without any problems apart from spurious triggering of the recorder. It is expected that the rig will require cleaning in the next few weeks to remove filamentous green algae which is growing on the camera, and this may be an opportunity to add a small lifting device to ease the task of lifting it on future occasions.
It is hoped to attach an umbrella-like device at the top of the rig. I have already mentioned the plastic hose pipe running down to the rig to convey small amounts of fish-food to the camera area, and it would be a simple matter to pump air down this same tube. The bubbles from the end of the tube would collect under the "umbrella" and cause the entire rig to float to the surface for inspection. The umbrella would have small perforations in it so that once the air pump was switched off buoyancy would be lost and the rig would descend to the bottom once more.

                                     Photo:Copyright 2000 Dick Raynor.

The underwater television recording equipment under working conditions.